Saturday, May 19, 2012

Women of Steel

I was a bit nervous starting this race as I wondered what type of catastrophic event was about to punch me in the face all because of my race number.

My swim was good, could've been better, passed a few girls and seeded myself well in the swim start. I held a 1:36 per 100yd....a little slow based on my current swim times in the pool but whatever, I'll take it. I swim awful in races and knowing that doesn't set my expectations to high but am always striving to improve.

Getting on the bike my hip was a bit tight, I repositioned myself in the saddle and got out of the saddle to climb which stretched out my hip. The 1st half of the ride is mostly a steady climbing with fast downhill back into transition done twice. Held a 20.1 avg on the bike. The first loop was faster since I was in 2nd on the bike and nobody else was on the course, the second loop was a bit hairy as I was dodging athletes all over the place who seemed to have not known the simple rule of ride on the right, pass on the left, and when someone yells "on your left" you should get out of their way. That's ok, I was a newbie once to, just slowed me down a little.

My run surprisingly felt so great! I've been fighting shin splints and not running much and my hip flexor has been a bit cranky. I took it a little easier than usual and picked up the pace in the last mile. Averaged a 7:10 min/mile.

The race was a TT start which I hate because you are never sure of what place you're in. I finished 1st in AG and 3rd OA. The top 3 OA finishers were within 40 seconds of each other. I bet we would've murder ourselves duking it out together had it been a mass start. A tight race is always fun. Great job girlies and well deserved.

I finished in 1:06:34. Not bad for an endurance athlete. I'm way more beat up after today's sprint than I was at IM Oceanside 70.3, bloody feet and all!

I think I broke the curse of the number 86, 98 & 68....or whatever it is BUT I will probably shapootzie in my knickers and lose a night of sleep if I'm given that race number or any sequence of the numbers 6,8, or 9 ever again!

On a side note 2 of my Olympus High School athletes raced today along side of me and killed it. So proud of them! It was fun meeting their proud mommas and cheering them on.

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