Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day Eve!

In observance of Labour Day weekend, we have tried to exert ourselves as little as possible. So far we have been fairly successful. Laguna Beach is pretty crazy during Labour Day weekend which meant that we didn't really want to drive anywhere so we had some friends come over to our house and try to find parking so we could go to our beach. Everyone had a pretty good time except Perry, we forced him against his will to go into the ocean and his relationship with open water has continued to deteriorate. Mak's relationship so far has continued to thrive and she found a pretty good collection of seaweed and kelp. When we got back I got on the BBQ and cooked up some burgers and hotdogs. A few burgers went the way of the Dodo bird because of college football. I lost my focus and left the burgers on the grill while I watched some games, and I ended up with some burger jerky. Last night got a little crazy down here by the Pacific Coast Highway. They set up a sobriety checkpoint by our house so there were quite a few po-po's here for that, and then was a car accident right below our house and that brought police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances. After that, the Coast Guard showed up in a helicopter and was flying super low over our beach searching for something, hopefully not a person, but it was pretty noisy. So all in all it was pretty much ecstasy for a 3 year old boy. Tomorrow Moka and I are going on a nice bike ride down to Crystal Cove and hopefully the sun will be out all day tomorrow so we can get some sun at the beach. Enjoy Labour Day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time for a Blog!

We lost our camera, which has so far been a good excuse to not do a blog. Its not a very good excuse so I figured I should do one. Last weekend Josh (my business partner) and I took all of our managers to Palm Springs for the weekend. They are all single and partied the whole time, while us with children played at the pool and did some shopping.

We are also getting ready to be sealed in the
Newport Beach Temple next month which we are excited about. After that Moka and I are going to go on a belated honeymoon. Mak is getting ready to start school next week. She is going to El Moro Elementary which overlooks the Ocean and Crystal Cove state park. Also I have decided to make a change in my life and go back to Elementary School to further my ejukashun.

Bentley has progressed to the rolling around and grabbing everything phase. Perry is enjoying living by the beach and has a love hate relationship with waves. Moka is still going strong and spends her days trying to get me to tell her where we are going on our honeymoon. So far she has not been successful. Remember you can't sell a salesmen.

Heres a little taste of the sunset from our backyard

Friday, August 8, 2008

Busy Busy

We have had so much going on and have been terrible at blogging, so here it goes. Friday we flew to San Francisco and stayed at the InterContinental, which was a really nice hotel.
On saturday we walked down Embarcadaro and went to the farmers market, then walked to Fishermans Wharf. We went to the Wax Museum which was kinda creepy. I kept expecting them to jump out at me, and then did some shopping. On Sunday we woke up at 4a.m. for the San Francisco Marathon. Mike and Bentley cheered me on at the start and 13.1miles and 2hrs 7mins later they cheered my name as I ran in. The run was amazing! Alcatraz looked really spooky at 5:45 a.m. with the thick fog surrounding it. It looked like something from a horror movie. The Golden Gate Bridge was also one of the highlights of my run, although it was really cold and windy. I took the first half pretty easy but I ran the last 7.5 miles in 52mins!

On tuesday we got a sitter and went to LA and ate at Dolce for Josh's (Mike's BFF) birthday. (Isn't he cute? He's single if you all know any cute girls, let's hook em' up!) It was alot of fun, we haven't been on a date in forever.

Today was Makayla's birthday and she's 6! I can't believe it! It's so sad to see her getting older. We had Audrey, Johnny, Eli, and Taylor come over for a little party, they all played so well together. Her Dad was able to come too. We got Sprinkles Cupcakes which were soooo good, we still have some left over and I'm having a terrible time ignoring them. Mak got alot of great presents. After pin the spot on the ladybug everyone played dress up. We had everthing from a princess the hulk and batman running around. It has definately been a fun week and we are so happy to have the kids home for a few days.