Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tri Moka

Hey Ya'll! I've started a new blogging. Well, I'm attempting too. It'll just be about racing, training, and my charity. Check it out. www.trimoka.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Important Race

An Important Race

Every athlete will describe each race as "an important race." Wether they are trying to beat a record, place in their age group, or just finish. Any goal an athlete has is important, it's what we train and live for. Well, this was a most important race for me. This was the first race my birth mom has ever attended and I was very excited to show her what I do. What I live and breath for.

I felt a bit nervous as I do at every race but I was so excited. This tri was the start of making up for everything she so selflessly missed out on. Every game I cheered at, every dance recital, field hockey game, or volleyball tournament that she would've given anything to attend and support me on but couldn't because of her sacrifice for me to have the best life possible.

(Erica and I made our first contact through the phone on July 23, 2010, when she found me through the help of LDS Social Services, and we actually met on Sept. 15, 2010. The Kokopelli Tri was only 3 days after meeting her in person for the first time.)

I was so excited to have her there, my heart was pounding so hard. I never dreamed of this day actually happening and here she was, my birth mom and her husband, at a race as my number 1 supporters. I was overwhelmed with a completely different type of excitement and nervousness as my emotions ran wild. As I ran to T1 from my swim tears welled up in my eyes as I saw her standing there ready with the camera and a huge smile on her face! I had a pretty smooth transition and was off on my bike! I was coming down the backside of "the hill" at 35mph when I started to lose control of my bike. My front wheel was wobbling uncontrollably, I started to slow down and noticed it was loose. I slowed down as fast and safe as I could stopping right before a cattle guard. I tightened my wheel, said a pray and kept going. I feel extremely confident that a fellow competitor had something to do with my tire. After my initial reaction of fear wore off, I was pissed! I rode so hard trying to make up some time and ensure that I beat her. Then, just about a mile out of transition my chain pooped off! Crap! I finally finished my ride and took off running. I passed plenty of athletes in my age group and was trying to figure out where I'd place and how far behind I was from where I wanted to be, about 5 mins. I felt good on my run despite the heat (90 degrees). My anger was gone as I decided I wouldn't let her have control of my emotions, instead I decided I would train and compete just to beat her at every other race we both attended. She is my new found motivation.

I was running to the finish line and ran with another girl for a couple hundred yards, we tried to mentally get to each other complaining about how hot it was and the need for a drink. Haha. She pulled away at the tail end beating me by 2 seconds. We gave each other a hug and told each other good job. I found Erica waiting for me with a huge hug! Despite all the obstacles, I raced really well. I am always proud of myself. I have good and bad days and no race is ever perfect. I still placed 10th overall and 1st in my age group.

I can't wait to beat #616 with a big smile on my face! Despite her recklessness and lack of care for others, I'm actually kind of flattered. She felt so threatened by me that she tried to sabotage my race. and still failed at that. What a freakin' loser!

As for Erica, that will forever be my most memorable and most important race and I am so glad I could share that with her and stand on that podium and make her proud and have that moment with her. She has said that she wants to train and do a tri with me and that one day just might be my most important race.

Sept. 18, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Calgary or Bust

As my parents drove me from St. George, UT to the airport in Las Vegas I was a complete wreck! I was so stressed. Not only was I worried and trying to mentally prepare myself for Ironman Calgary 70.3 but I had to get me and the girls there all by myself. Just thinking about how full my car was packed and the logistics of getting us all through the airport was enough to make me cry on the spot! The back was full of suitcases and carry ons and my bike was tied to the roof. The car was packed so tight there was barley room for our heads to poke out of the top.
I had dressed the girls in their cutest pj's and did Bentley's hair really cute hoping that somebody would want to help the pathetic mom with 2 really cute girls, but Bentley had other plans. She pooped in her underwear and ripped her hair out making herself the homely smelly kid! I thought for sure I was doomed. As we pulled up to the airport and started getting out of the car, there he was, my Prince Charming ready to save the day. (I'm talking about my hubby not some random hot stranger...) My parents secretly bought him a ticket 2 weeks prior and they had kept it a secret the whole time!!! Man, was I happy to see him!
So we boarded the plane together. The girls were so good. Stella was cheesin it up the whole time we were sitting on the runway, and had everybodies attention. She fell asleep the as soon as we took off and slept the whole flight. And much to my surprise Bentley was great too! She sat in her seat the whole 2.5 hours and watched tv.
We arrived in Calgary at 1am and were the last ones to make it through customs. Richard and Jeanne were waiting for us with two cars. We don't pack light....I don't know how I would've done that trip on my own and I'm so glad I didn't have to.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

To My Love

Lots of tears were shed
Only several years ago.
A helpless and lonely girl
Was tired of dating schmoes.

With children of her own
And no paticular place to go.
she ventured into the world
Down a long and windy road.

She was Looking for the love of her life
For someone to call her, his wife.
She was about to give up hope
And then, she spotted her dream boat.

You made quite the grand enterance
Charging in on your white horse.
You told me to relax,
That we were steady on course.

We dined on pancakes
Late one night.
Later you made up for it
Pursuing me with all your might.

Hiking and skiing,
Hot tubs and biking.
Frequent Evening runs
proved to be a lot of fun.

Two long days in a car
Weren't very hard with you.
Watched hockey in a bar.
Love birds with no curfew.

I took you to my home town,
To my old stomping grounds.
We traveled to the white house,
Where I thought for sure you'd propose
that I become your spouse.

Ready for an adventure
We moved to SoCal.
So unsure of the future
And pregnant with a gal.

We headed to the court house
And said our I do's.
I wanted to spend my life
Right next to you.

We welcomed a little girl
What a beautiful day.
We found out soon after
Another was on her way.

Our days of just us
uickly came and went
Now we have a full bus
And all our money spent.

Tickle fights and soccer games
Recitals and sippy cups.
Our lives have quickly changed
And we're covered in spit up.

I'm so proud to call you my husband
And forever my bestfriend.
To raise four children with you
And endure to the end.

You couldn't be a better father
Our family is complete.
On this day dedicated to you
Happy Fathers Day.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

LA Tri Series #3

My very first medal ever! I placed 1st in my age division, and 8th in womens overall! Whoa!!!

Last Update: 6/16/2010 1:13 PM

Top 10 Women / Men (Tri Express Individual)

Top 10 Women (Tri Express Individual)

Click on column headers to sort the results.
Lightfoot, Christina
Oak Park, Ca46F45-491900:57:23114200:05:5600:19:4600:01:542000:26:4818.5000:00:581900:21:4700:07:01
Resh, Holly
Redlands, Ca15F15-192000:57:24121700:05:0200:16:4600:01:274600:29:1617.0000:00:471200:20:5200:06:43
Watts, Rebecca
Topanga, Ca42F40-442200:59:02134400:05:5700:19:5000:02:023100:27:5517.8000:01:221800:21:4600:07:01
Newman, Holly
Carlsbad, Ca33F30-342901:00:22149300:06:5400:23:0000:02:004700:29:1717.0000:01:321000:20:3900:06:39
Canon, Michele
San Marino, Ca35F35-393901:03:20158300:06:4600:22:3300:03:043200:28:0217.7000:01:434500:23:4500:07:39
Zakhar, Heather
Trabuco Canyon, Ca34F30-344301:04:42264100:05:5500:19:4300:01:595500:29:5016.6000:01:057200:25:5300:08:20
Zurek, Helen
Long Beach, Ca43Athena4801:05:20176300:06:2200:21:1300:02:155300:29:4116.7000:01:306300:25:3200:08:14
Allen, Moka
Laguna Beach, Ca24F20-245301:06:10184000:05:5300:19:3600:03:026600:30:3216.3000:01:256000:25:1800:08:09
Williamson, Rebecca
Valencia, Ca34F30-345401:06:11397300:06:3200:21:4600:03:007100:30:5516.1000:02:064300:23:3800:07:37
Briney, Laurie
Lakewood, Ca28F25-295601:06:421104700:06:0700:20:2300:02:569800:32:0915.4000:01:354600:23:5500:07:42

I was so nervous for this tri. The swim has always been scary to me. Loosing goggles, being kicked and hit, not to mention swam on. It's kind of like being held under the water. It absolutely scares me! After some much needed council, I got the courage to start at the front of my wave. I did get hit, kicked and swam on but that would've also happened if I'd started in the back.

Overall the race went pretty smooth. At mile 1 of the run I passed a runner and a volunteer told us what place we were in. Right as I passed her I had taken 10th and put her in 11th. She announced she'd place 10th. The competition was on at that point and we were booking it. I beat her by a second in a full on sprint to the finish and I ended up in 8th and she took 9th. Perhaps she should've kept her mouth shout.....

I had passed all the water stations without slowing for a drink since I wanted to beat 11th so bad. I should've drank more after the race cause I got soooo dehydrated! I haven't felt so lousy in a really long time. I had the worst headache and threw up. At one point I thought I was dying. It was all worth it to beat 11th and I'd do it all the same if I had the chance.

I'm still nervous about the upcoming swim in August, but I've regained some confidence.

Mike was such a good sport this weekend. I had a race both days and he was stuck dragging babies around and cheering me on. He took such good care of me while I was sick. He pumped me full of gatorade and put me to bed. I love that man so much, he is so supportive and the best hubby I could ever ask for!