Thursday, December 3, 2009

Merry Christmas

We Took on Disneyland with 4 Kids!

My MIL stayed in town for a few days after Thanksgiving. Mak had minimum day all week at school for parent teacher conferences so we decided to take the kids to Disneyland after school. What were we thinking!? The kids were really good, it was just so much work!

I had been pumping Bentley up about going to Disneyland and seeing Mickey Mouse. She was so excited to go and kept saying "kiss Kickey Mouse on da nose," and she'd giggle and say, "dat funny mom?" When we first got into the park Mickey was out signing autographs so we ran right up and waited in line. She was absolutely mezmorized by the big mouse and just stood there staring at him in awe while we waited for our turn. When it was our turn she was a little unsure about him. She no longer wanted to kiss him but wanted me to (which she thought was funny and I'll I could think about was how many people have kissed that nose prior to me and how sweaty and gross the person inside the costume was) so with a kiss from me and Mak and Perry hugging him and giving him high fives, she decided it'd be alright to give him a high five too. As we walked away she said "bye Kickey Mouse, I wud you," and waved goodbye. I loved taking her to Disneyland. I go so often that its no longer "magical" to me, but watching Bentley for her first time going since she's become a toddler was very magical.

We went on the carousel and Dumbo, then walked over to see Santa's Reindeer. Then I took Mak and Perry on Thunder Mountain Railroad. I had to do some fibbing to get them on there, like there's no dark parts. They had a blast! When the ride was over Perry said "THAT WAS AWESOME!" Then his excietment quickly turned to fear and said "I don't wanna do it again!" Mak compared the ride to "mom's driving except we didn't hit anything or run over any curbs."

When we got off the ride we found Meema and the girls waiting for us with churros! Yummy. The kids were such a sticky mess after wards. We walked over and watched the new Princess and the Frog show and afterwards we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. I was feeding Stella while we were in the ride and Bentley was so afraid of the little waterfall you go down and was on my lap so fast. Stella wasn't at all amused and quickly fell asleep. Bentley liked the pirates.

All in all it was a good day in between a few Bentley breakdowns, she just hates strollers and holding somebodys hand, which is a bit stressful at Disneyland. I loved hanging out with my kids. They were so good. My favorite part was Bentley meet Mickey and going on the roller coaster with my kids. Even though we had a lot of fun, it'll be a while before I dare take them back.