Friday, July 30, 2010

Calgary or Bust

As my parents drove me from St. George, UT to the airport in Las Vegas I was a complete wreck! I was so stressed. Not only was I worried and trying to mentally prepare myself for Ironman Calgary 70.3 but I had to get me and the girls there all by myself. Just thinking about how full my car was packed and the logistics of getting us all through the airport was enough to make me cry on the spot! The back was full of suitcases and carry ons and my bike was tied to the roof. The car was packed so tight there was barley room for our heads to poke out of the top.
I had dressed the girls in their cutest pj's and did Bentley's hair really cute hoping that somebody would want to help the pathetic mom with 2 really cute girls, but Bentley had other plans. She pooped in her underwear and ripped her hair out making herself the homely smelly kid! I thought for sure I was doomed. As we pulled up to the airport and started getting out of the car, there he was, my Prince Charming ready to save the day. (I'm talking about my hubby not some random hot stranger...) My parents secretly bought him a ticket 2 weeks prior and they had kept it a secret the whole time!!! Man, was I happy to see him!
So we boarded the plane together. The girls were so good. Stella was cheesin it up the whole time we were sitting on the runway, and had everybodies attention. She fell asleep the as soon as we took off and slept the whole flight. And much to my surprise Bentley was great too! She sat in her seat the whole 2.5 hours and watched tv.
We arrived in Calgary at 1am and were the last ones to make it through customs. Richard and Jeanne were waiting for us with two cars. We don't pack light....I don't know how I would've done that trip on my own and I'm so glad I didn't have to.