Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Number 4

I'm oficially letting the cat out of the bag! For everyone who is wondering if I'm getting fat, your wrong! I'm pregnant!!! I guess it's a combination of being pregnant and getting fat though, so you all were partially right. am I doing? Thats the dumbest question ever! I'm exhausted with three kids! Bentley's poop gives me morning sickness(she just may have to potty train herself), the smell of eggs is horrible and I can barely brush my teeth. Burger King calls me every morning, I just crave the sausage egg and cheese biscuits but then I only eat the biscuit(the eggs make me sick). I love the way the biscuit sticks to the roof of my mouth and is so hard to swallow! I cry all the time! When I laugh, I cry. When I'm sad, I cry. Sometimes I just feel like crying and than I cry so much I get morning sickness which makes me cry some more. I feel partially like a koala bear, just kinda stoned all the time. I can't remember anything! I call them my pregnant moments. If I ask you something and you already told me, I'm really so sorry, it's not that I don't care or am not listening, it's that this baby is making me reatarded.
I do have cravings. I crave everything. I eat like 3 breakfasts and than I move onto lunch, like 3 of them. I love jalapenos and anything with BBQ sauce! I hate anthing sweet. I already know I'm having a boy becasue I can't stand chocolate or anything sweet!
I am so very pregnant! All I can say is, my poor husband. Whatever, he did this to me! I had nothing to do with it and was not involved!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Bentley

I can't believe that my baby is 1! The first year always seems to go by the fastest! On Saturday night she took her first steps, 6 to be exact. She also has four teeth, and has learned to climb on the couch by pushing a truck up to the side and climbing up. She is into every drawer in the house. She can point to her nose, wave, blow kisses, make a monkey sound, puts her hands on her head when you say "oh no," plays peek a boo, and tickles you while saying "ticka ticka ticka ticka," she also says puppy, and kitty. She is also very good at pointing her finger at me, shaking her head and tellin me "no no no no no." She sleeps like a bug with her knees tucked under her and always cuddles a bunny when she sleeps. She gets so excited when Daddy comes home from work evey night and screams and cries if he doesn't immediately greet her. She is so funny and happy she makes us smile and laugh all the time! She is one of the toughest girls I know, if she falls she rubs it off and keeps going. We love you so much Baby Bee, our family wouldn't be complete without you!