Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to School

A lot has happened since Labor Day! Mak started !st grade at El Morro and likes her teacher. Her school is beautifully. Her playground overlooks the ocean and is surrounded by Crystal Cove State Park. She's taking the bus this year which makes her feel very independent. She also started dance after taking the summer off. This year she's also taking jazz. Jazz has been a bit harder for her but she's also taken ballet now for 4 years. She starts soccer on Monday and is excited to use her pink soccer shoes.
Perry has also started his first year in preschool at Laguna Presbyterian Preschool. He loves it! He wasn't afraid at all on his first day. I walked him into class and Perry kept pushing my leg and saying "goodbye mom." He could act a little more attached even if he's just pretending. He likes going to play with his friends. He's become such a big boy over the summer.
Bentley is getting so close to crawling. She can get on her hands and knees on our bed but our hardwood floors sure are slowing her down. She's also learned how to scream thinks it's so funny. She just had her 6mo. checkup and all is well, she's a perfect baby. Below are some links to some YouTube videos of Bentley. She is hilarious.

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The Ball Team said...

Margi - Do you remember me? Tina Brumbley, now Tina Ball???? Wow, I remmebr you more like Mac's age! You are beautiful and so is your family. I found you through your Mom on Facebook and added your blog to mine, hope that's okay! I didn't you are a runner! Congratulations on the marathon.