Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Awake!

I'm finally awake long enough to update my blog! This pregnancy is exhausting! So for starters, Bentley got a big girl car seat and sits forward in the car now! She absolutley loves looking out the window and watching where we are going!
Makayla participated in her jogathon at school and ran 21 laps! We gathered up the crew and headed to her school to cheer her on. We managed to stand out a little bit as the only family with a big sign and cow bell. Next year we are going to bring an air horn too! I'm so happy that we don't embarass her yet but something tells me it's gonna happen very soon! I am so proud of all of her training and hard work!
Bentley was very happy with her cow bell!

Last week Grandma Jeanne, Grandpa Richard, and Aunt Megan came to visit from Canada. We had a ton of fun! We went to Disneyland on Monday. Makayla played hookie twice last week and went to Disneyland. We are horrible parents! But my children love me for it! ;) Then Friday we went to Balboa and rented a big bike and rode the boardwalk. Perry and Bentley had tons of fun riding in the basket! Bentley waved at everbody we passed, she is so stinkin cute!


Marcy said...

I love that you made Makayla a sign for her COOL is that! You're such a fun mom! Great pics, sorry this pregnancy is wiping you out...keep pushing through!

Tina, Ball Team Co-Captain said...

You were tiring me out before you added baby four! Keep up the good work. I embarrass my ladies, too, and I love it! And, I agree with you on the ditching school for fun family outings - you are the parent and you can call shots like that!

brooke said...

Looks like so much fun! Let's get together some time soon.

California Roney's said...

Pictures are adorable!! Looks like you had a super fun time! Yeah to the big girl Bentley and also to Makayla! I love the sign that you made!