Sunday, June 13, 2010

LA Tri Series #3

My very first medal ever! I placed 1st in my age division, and 8th in womens overall! Whoa!!!

Last Update: 6/16/2010 1:13 PM

Top 10 Women / Men (Tri Express Individual)

Top 10 Women (Tri Express Individual)

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Lightfoot, Christina
Oak Park, Ca46F45-491900:57:23114200:05:5600:19:4600:01:542000:26:4818.5000:00:581900:21:4700:07:01
Resh, Holly
Redlands, Ca15F15-192000:57:24121700:05:0200:16:4600:01:274600:29:1617.0000:00:471200:20:5200:06:43
Watts, Rebecca
Topanga, Ca42F40-442200:59:02134400:05:5700:19:5000:02:023100:27:5517.8000:01:221800:21:4600:07:01
Newman, Holly
Carlsbad, Ca33F30-342901:00:22149300:06:5400:23:0000:02:004700:29:1717.0000:01:321000:20:3900:06:39
Canon, Michele
San Marino, Ca35F35-393901:03:20158300:06:4600:22:3300:03:043200:28:0217.7000:01:434500:23:4500:07:39
Zakhar, Heather
Trabuco Canyon, Ca34F30-344301:04:42264100:05:5500:19:4300:01:595500:29:5016.6000:01:057200:25:5300:08:20
Zurek, Helen
Long Beach, Ca43Athena4801:05:20176300:06:2200:21:1300:02:155300:29:4116.7000:01:306300:25:3200:08:14
Allen, Moka
Laguna Beach, Ca24F20-245301:06:10184000:05:5300:19:3600:03:026600:30:3216.3000:01:256000:25:1800:08:09
Williamson, Rebecca
Valencia, Ca34F30-345401:06:11397300:06:3200:21:4600:03:007100:30:5516.1000:02:064300:23:3800:07:37
Briney, Laurie
Lakewood, Ca28F25-295601:06:421104700:06:0700:20:2300:02:569800:32:0915.4000:01:354600:23:5500:07:42

I was so nervous for this tri. The swim has always been scary to me. Loosing goggles, being kicked and hit, not to mention swam on. It's kind of like being held under the water. It absolutely scares me! After some much needed council, I got the courage to start at the front of my wave. I did get hit, kicked and swam on but that would've also happened if I'd started in the back.

Overall the race went pretty smooth. At mile 1 of the run I passed a runner and a volunteer told us what place we were in. Right as I passed her I had taken 10th and put her in 11th. She announced she'd place 10th. The competition was on at that point and we were booking it. I beat her by a second in a full on sprint to the finish and I ended up in 8th and she took 9th. Perhaps she should've kept her mouth shout.....

I had passed all the water stations without slowing for a drink since I wanted to beat 11th so bad. I should've drank more after the race cause I got soooo dehydrated! I haven't felt so lousy in a really long time. I had the worst headache and threw up. At one point I thought I was dying. It was all worth it to beat 11th and I'd do it all the same if I had the chance.

I'm still nervous about the upcoming swim in August, but I've regained some confidence.

Mike was such a good sport this weekend. I had a race both days and he was stuck dragging babies around and cheering me on. He took such good care of me while I was sick. He pumped me full of gatorade and put me to bed. I love that man so much, he is so supportive and the best hubby I could ever ask for!


H and E said...

Like I say on facebook with your updates, you are crazy and so hard core.I guess those two things come together. Isn't crazy how competitive you get once you are out there, I am the same way!

Moka said...

Your so funny, thanks. It is crazy, it brings out his whole other side of me. I'm mean! Haha

California Roney's said...

You are awesome! Congrats friend!