Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Next week is my first Olympic distance triathlon, so this week I've been trying to get in as much training as possible. So Moka and I decided to go for a little ride during my lunch break. About 0 miles into our ride, a gust of wind, or a minor earthquake, or something caused Moka not so much to crash but to tip over still clipped into her pedals. It was a classic Moka crash.


Abi said...

Nice Moka! I didn't know that you got a bike! What do you do with the little baby when you go out on rides? I am very impressed that you are running the marathon soon!

The Allen Family said...

Hey Abi! I used to ride Mike's bike but he didn't like it when I crashed it:) so he got me my own. We usually just get a sitter for an hour or two. It's fun riding together, it makes me feel like a little kid. It was great having Taylor over today!