Sunday, November 16, 2008

Such A Fun Weekend

Last Friday Mike took me on a helicopter ride for my birthday which was so much fun! We went from John Wayne down to San Clemente and we saw dolphins, and a sea lion. After that we went to Disneyland and had dinner and then rode some big kid rides. It was strange not having the kids with us but alot of fun. I had a wonderful birthday!
We had a way fun weekend. Makayla concluded her first season of soccer this Saturday. She has had a lot of fun playing and making new friends. The team experience has been so good for her! It has been very entertaining watching 5 & 6 year old play soccer. Makayla likes to practice her ballet leaps as she heads in the same direction as the girls who are chasing the ball, she likes to twirl her hair and one saturday she found a butterfly to chase, she does all this while "playing" soccer. It has been so much fun to watch! She did score one goal this season, and she got the "Fastest Runner" award and a trophy that she is so proud of.

Our friends Greg and Brittany were in town this weekend and so we ditched the kids and went out for sushi and went to see the new James Bond movie. It was so much fun although two party poopers fell asleep during the movie! We can't stay awake past 10! Only Greg and I made it through the movie.

Today we just played it cool, took a long nap, watched football and went for a long walk on the beach. I love Sundays!
Okay so there Brittany, I updated our blog, I'm setting the trend so now update yours!


California Roney's said...

Love the update, looks like you guys had a great day today. Sunday's are the best. Well everything except for trying to get five kids ready for church! Love the beach pictures!!!

Kelsey said...

Happy B-day Moka! I am so sorry I dodn't know about it! I miss you too! I leave on Sat. to Utah so lets get together before then!


I love hearing all the stories from Richard and Jeanne, but thanks for the pictures! Those pics on the beach are gorgeous. I saw all your wedding pictures yesterday, they are incredible and you are a stunningly beautiful bride.

Megan said...

I miss you all SOO much!! I love the pictures and it sounds like you had a great birthday!!! <3