Friday, May 15, 2009

Life is Tough Living in the OC

Everyday is a park or a beach day here in the sunny OC. My kids have it so rough! Bentley loves hanging out with Makayla and Perry. She's pretty good at keeping up with them. She has no fear at all which terrifies me, and such a high pain tolerance! She's mastered the slide like a pro, likes to climb on the ropes, and squeals and laughs the whole time she is on the swing. I love playing with my kids all day!

Makayla has been studying the tide pools at school and had to a project on scallops. We learned all sorts of things about them like, they are born as plankton and scallops eat plankton. They also have 30-40 eyes that can only sense light and motion. That just seems like such a waste of all those eyes! Anyways, for for extra credit we went to the tide pools and here are some pictures of us at our neighborhood tide pools.
Perry calls the tide pools the "hide pools."

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