Friday, May 29, 2009

Surprise Birthday Party

   Mike turned 25 on May 30, and on the 29th I threw him a surprise party.  I would've thrown it on his birthday since it was on a Saturday but was having an incredibly hard time finding a way to get him out of the house so that I could get ready for it. Plan A:Greg was going to take him scuba diving but then he had to fly to Utah. Plan B: Dan was going to taking him riding but he had to work in San Diego. So with two friends out of town and not able to make the party or help me get him out of the house I decided to go for, Plan C: Friday night after work.  All plans were pretty complicated but Plan C was the hardest. 
  Mike always leaves work early on Fridays and gets home at about 6. Nobody could make it home from work and to our house before that which meant Greg had to stall him at work for an hour! That morning Greg asked if they could car pool and for some strange reason Mike "couldn't" that day so with some help from me we convinced him to finally carpool. The boys left work at 6:30 and some of our guests still hadn't arrived so I called Mike and asked if they could stop at the grocery store. They were in line and a couple people still hadn't made it to our house so Brittany called and needed a very specific  kind of feminine hygiene product, we figured that would buy us at least 15-20 more minutes! :D
  I made the made the best homemade enchiladas and tortilla soup, I also picked up some Sprinkles cupcakes since those are Mike's favorite. The boys watched the Lakers game (ugh), played Rock Band, and finished with some Catch Phrase. I think Catch Phrase was definitely the funniest except it brought out some pretty competitive sides of people (cough cough, Reagan's a cheater).
  Finally all the guests had arrived and the boys were on their way home. We all hid in the kitchen for his big arrival. I think we surprised him good. This is the second year in a row that I had a surprise party for him so I think we'll have to wait a few years before another, he's on to me now. I just love spoiling my wonderful husband! Thanks everyone or making this surprise party happen. 


Michelle said...

Hey, so glad to see you guys have a blog! Happy B-Day to Mike :) You guys and your kids are so cute. We need to hang out again!


What a cute wife you are. That took a lot of work to get him surprised but it looks like you pulled it off, you deserve a break next year!

Megan said...

HAPPY (well belated) BIRTHDAY MIKEY! I love your dress Moka :) and good pulling off the party! It looked like a lot of fun! I miss you a lot!

California Roney's said...

Surprise!! That was tons of fun!!