Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

This Thanksgiving was busy, I just had a baby 5 weeks ago and we had all of Mikes family in town. We started the morning off at the Dana Point Turkey Trot, it is definately my favorite race so I was not going to miss it this year! Besides, I can't eat all that pie and stuffing without exercising that day. Me, Mike, Matt, and Richard ran the 5k and I made us all wear stupid hats. It was a lot of fun and next year we are all going to wear turkey costumes!!!! I'm so excited! Anyways Matt only ran once before the race and totally kick everyones butts! He ran it in 26 minutes! I hate him, I'm so jealous. I cam in second and Mike and Richard were a very close 3rd and 4th. Mike came in speed walking an looked so ridiculous, I was a little embaressed.... or a lot. Anyways we had a lot of fun running it together and Megan did a great job taking pictures for us. I can't wait to kick everbodies butts next year. I already started my training :)

After the race we came home, I put the trukey in the oven, got ready and took a nap. We almost didn't have a turkey dinner because they never delivered my groceries so Mike had to call Von's and set them straight. After I woke up Bentley and I got cooking. She was a great little helper, the night before she helped me make the pies. Dinner was delicious and I did a lot of carbo loading to get ready for Black Friday, it's my favorite holiday.

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H and E said...

What a fun thanksgiving, I am impressed you cooked all that, look at you go! Don't you hate when boys like Matt can just run like that and we train ou butts off...not fair!