Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Birthday

I had a great birthday! I called my girlfriend Mia to see if she wanted to go get a pedicure with me since my mother-in-law was here and could watch the kids. It was so nice to just sit and get some much needed pampering, it also forced me to get out of my pajamas and get ready for the day. (I have been living in pajamas since I had Stella). Thank goodness I got ready because my hubby threw me a surprise party (that I knew about). He told me he was going to throw a party for me on friday, which I was really stressed out about! I had just had a baby, who was going to watch the kids, and who was going to get ready for this party since he works all day!?! I thought I'd be doing all the planning and preparing for my own birthday party that my husband was "throwing." I called my friend Patience in a panic, and she spilled the beans. Thank goodness for that! She had it all under control and all I had to do was take a shower and get myself ready. My mother-in-law got all the food and put the kids in bed and we had a lot of fun. It was really low key which was perfect. My husband is so sweet and thoughtful, I've never had a surprise party and he did a great job. I shouldn't have gotten so stressed and I should've trusted him. He does a great job spoiling me. I had the best birthday ever.

Happy Birthday to Me!
My birthday cake and crazy hubby!
Brandee, Michelle, Amanda, Stella, Me, Patience, Tara, & Mia


The Waites said...

I love the picture of you looking at Mike over the candles!!!

Tara said...

Fun night! Glad you had a good bday. ;) xox

California Roney's said...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend!!

H and E said...

What a fun little party! Wow all you and your friends are goregous. Husbands are the best when they know how to make you feel special!
Happy Birthday!