Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sowing Seeds of Joy

This spring, I thought it'd be fun to plant some flowers in pots with Bentley. I'm always trying to find fun things for us to do together while the kids are at school. We had a lot of fun planting them and putting the seeds in. Bentley did a great job and followed directions fairly well. She loves to water them but seems to be having a very hard time not continuing to play in the dirt. I'm not sure if any of her flowers will actually grow since she won't leave them alone.

She also planted some green beans because they are "Daddy's favorite." I'm not sure he'd agree with her, but he'll eat them anyways since Bentley grew them for him. I'm sure he is encouraging her to play in the dirt and hoping they won't grow.


Sue said...

She takes after Nonnie planting seeds...get her her own pot of dirt! Can be very therapeutic. Loves.

California Roney's said...

Oh My Goodness, so adorable!!!