Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bentley's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe it's been two years since we brought Bentley into this world. The time has definitely flown by, she keeps us on our toes and we are constantly trying to keep up with her. She is our little spit fire of the family. She is persistent and strong willed and one of the funniest kids ever. She is so tough, she takes plenty of falls and bonks trying to keep up with Mak and Perry. She isn't afraid of heights, water, the dark, or monsters, but she is terrified of "pidews" aka spiders. She gets in quite a bit of trouble at Kids World for beating up other kids. Along with all of her tomboy characteristics, she loves to play dress up and is obsessed with any Disney Princess and Barbie. She loves to put on makeup too. She is so smart and witty and absolutely loves her Daddy.

For her birthday we took Bentley to Disneyland with just Mommy and Daddy. She had us all to herself for a whole day. We all had so much fun! All she wanted to do was to go see Mickey and Minnie and the Princess'. I don't think she cared for the rides at all.

As soon as we entered the park we hopped on the train and rode it over to Toon Town. She loved the train except for the tunnel. As soon as we got to Toon Town we say Goofy and got a quick picture and autograph, then we headed over to Mickey's house to meet the giant mouse. The whole time we stood in line she kept saying that she was gonna kiss Mickey's nose. As soon as we got in there, she ran up to Mickey, handed him her autograph book took a look at him, and backed right up. She wasn't so sure about about the giant mouse. She wasn't afraid, just unsure.

After we saw Mickey, we walked next door to Minnie's house. She was waiting outside for Bentley. Bentley was a little unsure about Minnie to but was very excited to have met her. After a picture with Minnie we took a tour of her house and Bentley and Dad had a tea party.

Bentley was so excited to see the Princess' so next we headed over there. The line was 1.5 hours so Mike and Bentley went off to go play, go on a ride and get a frozen lemonade, while I stood in line. She was such a good trooper and so patient. She was so mesmerized by all of the princesses. She would run up to them and literally shove her autograph book in their face for them to sign it. Her conversations were so sweet with them. She talked about princess things. She asked each of them if they like her dress and then she'd tell them "I wike your pwincess dwess." She is the perfect mix of tomboy and girlie girl.

After that we went on the carousel where we all sat together. She was so tired from a day of fun so Dad let her hitch a ride back to the car on his shoulders. She was laying on his head. She was so good and slept on the way home.

After we picked up Stella, we had dinner and went for a walk down to the beach. Bentley kept slowly loosing her clothing, which is really no surprise.

Happy Birthday dear Bentley. I am so glad we got to celebrate your birth, and I hope we made it was a very special day for you.

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