Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Perry! My Silly Little Man!

Today Perry started saying "I'm crazy about you Mom!" He always knows how to make me feel so good. He always tells me that I look so pretty. In the morning he says "Mom you have pretty crazy hair." After a good workout he says "Mom, you look so pretty and sweaty." And every Sunday morning he says "I like your dress Mom, you look so pretty." He sure does know how to make me feel good about myself.

The other night I was getting Perry in the bath and had locked me, all three kids, and Roman in the bathroom. Perry took off all his clothes to get in the tub and Roman thought it would be a good time to formally introduce himself to Perry by sniffing and nipping his little Perry. Perry grabbed himself and screamed "MOM! He's trying to bite my tail!" I've never seen my little boy so terrified in his life. I laughed for 10 minutes straight.

I love you Perry, you are such a joy to be around. Thank you for being so sweet to me and your sisters.


California Roney's said...

He is so adorable! That is such a funny story!! That cracks me up! His little Perry!

Marcy said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! I have tears from laughing out loud at your post! What a handsome little man you have there...and how sweet of him to profess his love for his momma like that! :)