Friday, February 27, 2009


So, this story takes place yesterday between 8:30am to 1:00pm. That morning Mike was so sweet to me. I was so tired that morning so he decided to let me sleep in while he got the kids up, fed and walked Mak and Roman (the dog) to the bus stop. When Mike and Roman came back I opened the back patio door so the dog could run in and out of the house. I had to leave the house before Mike that morning. He got ready for work and left the house. He also left the dog on the back patio, which we often do. That is Roman's favorite sleeping spot, I sometimes wonder if he's a cat with the amount of sun bathing he does. Anyways, when we leave the dog on the patio we close the door, well you see, my husband overlooked that small detail but says he closed it. Well, when I came home at noon I was greated at the door by my very cute puppy with his tail between his legs. OH MAN WAS HE IN TROUBLE!!!!! My couch cushions and pillows were on the floor, shredded paper was all over the house. He pooped outside (which is good) but he steppped in it and dragged it through the house. The trash was knocked over, thank goodness he couldn't get the lid off! He then made his way downstairs to the bedrooms. He took all the shoes off my bottom shoe rack, ripped towels off of the racks. My house was a wreck! I called my husband and boy did I let him have it! Then I called our friend Kelly, also our dog trainer, and made her take him (the dog not my husband)for the weekend. Now, I had to clean up the house!


My questions to myself were: Why the heck did we get a dog?! and Why the heck did I get a husband!?

So then I started reminding myself of all the great things he does for me and all the reasons why I married him. He does a lot of great things for me and our fam.

He takes out the trashe
He gives me a back rub most every night
He tells me i'm beautiful every day
He feeds the kids breakfast every morning
He helps with dinner
He eats my food and tells me its great even if it's not
He unloads the dish washer
He bathes the kids 50% of the time
He is such an active father
He makes me laugh
He is so smart
He's honest (except about the back door)
He brings me lunch
He goes out of his way to show his love for me and not just tell me

He still denies leaving the door open although he has never admitted to closing it. And he didn't bring me an "I'm so sorry honey," present, like a card or flowers! But I still love him, and couldn't ask for a better husband and father to my kids.

On to the second question, "Why did we get a dog?" I'm still not sure.
He is cute
He is excited to see me every morning and when we come home
He's pretty funny
The list just isn't as long but I do love him too.

My mother has always said that men can not multi task and have one tracked minds. My husband loves me inspite of all my flaws (not that I have many) and I love him inspite of all of his flaws.


I'm letting this one go even though "you checked the door." I love you and you make me so happy everyday. It wasn't funny yesterday but I'm already laughing about it. Like I said, you make me laugh. Thanks for being my Prince Charming and treating me like a princess.

Loves You,
The Babe


Britney said...

Yikes! I would FREAK!! Especially because of the poop. Man, aren't dogs just the greatest? I often ask myself the same question..."Why did we get a dog?!"


Ha ha that story is awesome, well horrible too! That is one reason I don't think I could have a dog! You are good to put up with it and stil love it after that!

Marcy said...

What a funny post Moka. You made me laugh, I love it!

The Allen Family said...

we usually leave him in his crate when we leave unless it's a quick errand, then he's fine on the patio with the door closed. He's on a little vacation so I can have a break. I'm starting to see the humor in the story. Is Tucker still in his puppy phase or is he good now?

Cole and Stephanie Fowler said...

Aww... I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had a day (or two) like this.
And like you said, how can you be mad at those 2 cute faces for long?!
Mike - you've got yourself quite a cute family!

Pete and Sadie Best said...

Don't you just love DOGS? Glad you are past the freakin out and on to the funny.

Moka said...

yeah, so the dog is in a 30 extensive training with the dog trainer. He is already doing much better!