Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ballet Recital

Makayla has worked so hard all year for her recitals, and the big night was finally here! She was so excited and loved getting into her costumes and having her hair and makeup done. She said she felt like "such a star!" She was definitely the star of the show. Dress rehearsal went well and she was ready for opening night! With this being her 4th recital she was not nervous at all! After rehearsal we went home to eat and get Perry ready to go too. We snuck some flowers into the car, and once Dad got home we loaded everyone in the car and headed to Mak's recital! Once we got there I delivered Mak backstage, she was as silly and her sweet spirit helped calm the nervous girls. The rest of us took our seats and waited to see the star of the show. When it was Makaylas turn to dance the girls came on stage and looked so beautiful, so grown up with all there makeup! Being the emotional wreck I am, I got all teary eyed and emotional watching all of Makayla's hard work pay off! She looked so graceful and remembered all of the choreography THEN all of a sudden smoke started filling the stage(it was just special effects)! Mak's eyes filled with fear, she continued dancing but only with half the effort as she looked around to see if anyone else was panicking. My tears quickly turned into laughter! Mike and I could not hold it together! Maybe next time they should practice with the smoke or at least warn the 5 & 6 year old girls before their big performance so they won't be alarmed next time!
Perry was so excite to give Makayla her flowers! He kept telling her "You did such a great job Makaywa." "You look so beatufuw Makaywa."

After her recital we went to Golden Spoon to celebrate! I asked Makayla to put a napkin in her leotard so she wouldn't spill and stain it. She was so hesitant and I could tell she was embarrassed so Mike and Perry and I all shoved napkins in our shirts so Mak wouldn't feel like the only dork, instead we are just a dorky family which is probably worse but we sure had some good giggles about it.
Encore Makayla!


Tina, Ball Team Co-Captain said...

Yeah, Mak - what a busy kid! All that hard work really paid off. And, love the way your flowers matched the costume!

California Roney's said...

She looks adorable! I love the beautiful costume!