Monday, June 22, 2009

My Little Fishies

The kids and I have been swimming everyday so far this summer, even in the rain! Bentley has proven to be quite a little fish. She loves to dunk, and blow bubbles. I'll have her blow bubbles and then we dunk and I'll pull her through the water.  She's going to be quite the swimmer. She also likes jumping in the pool. She loves wearing goggles. She wants to be just like Makayla and Perry. Anything that they do she wants to do too.

Madison taught Makayla how to dive! I am so proud of her! She keeps getting better and better at swimming, she also will go down the slide into the pool too. She is getting so comfortable around the water. 



Got any good ideas for maternity swimsuits? E-mail me at I need one for this summer?

California Roney's said...

They all look so cute together! Love the goggle pictures!!