Monday, June 22, 2009

My Favorite Things about Summer


The 4th of July.
Tan lines.


I love juicy watermelon in the summer and seed spitting contest with my kids. I love watching the juice run down their little arms while they eat it too.

I love watching my kids explore tiny critters, like sand crabs. These sand crabs kept them entertained for 1.5 hours today


I love the smell and having friends and family over for a BBQ.


The ice cream truck.

Sandy babies.

Today we went to the beach with a bunch of friends. As I was walking down to the beach with Bentley, Sam Ferguson, yelled "WOW MOM, SHE HAS A BIG TUMMY!" 3yr. olds are so honest aren't they. I just love being pregnant!


Lori said...

Love that first picture! Summer's here really are a blast!

California Roney's said...

Im so glad you were there! It wouldnt have been the same without you!!

Gregg and Melissa Rupp said...

You're family is so dang cute! Those pics make me want to come play at the beach too!

chudlove said...

I love summer too! Love your pictures, the one of Mak on Rodeo is priceless!