Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Princess Stella

Happy Birthday Princess Stella!
I thought the day would never come, but it did! I woke up at 2:30am with contractions. I thought it was a false alarm, since I had had consistent contractions 3 times prior to these ones that had all stopped after a few hours, so I didn't bother waking Mike and tried to sleep in between them. Around 3:30 I woke Mike up begging for an epidural! He started timing my contractions. Once he had woken up I had one 15 mins. apart than 10 mins. apart, than 4 mins. apart. At 4am he quickly called our doctor while I called our friend Mia to come watch the kids and get Makayla off to school.
Mia showed up in less than 5 minutes and the doctor said to head to the hospital. With that, we were off.....in the wrong direction! Mike turned the wrong way on Pacific Coast Highway! He was very calm and put together except for his sense of direction (I think thats my favorite part of our birth story).
We got to the hospital at 4:30am where my doctor was already there and waiting for me! They took us to the womens center to confirm that I was actually in labor, even though I told them I was. I was dilated 4 cm and my contractions were 4 minutes apart. They moved me into a delivery room, and about 30 minutes later the anastegologist was there to give me my epidural. I don't remember my epidural ever being so uncomfortable but I'd never had one before my water broke and my contractions were excruciating.
After the epidural it was smooth sailing. Dr. James hung out with us in the delivery room until Stella was ready for her grand debut. We talked a lot about nothing and my hubby was so calm. The spirit was so strong as our little girl came straight from heaven. I've been playing church hymns just to try to keep the spirit so strong in our house.
The hospital didn't let kids in to visit because of the swine flu so the kids had to wait to meet her but it gave us some good bonding time. Mike actually took a whole week off work and it was so great having the family together and just hanging on the couch together.
Of course Makayla has adjusted fine to Stella as well as Perry. Bentley hasn't been the least bit jealous but she did want me to feed her her sippy cup for about five minutes than was back to normal. Roman took two sniffs of her and walked away. He doesn't even seem to notice her. I'm sure he fears the day that she tries to ride him like a horse and pull his ears and tail, and poke his eyes.
I am the proudest mom. My house is a wreck, I'm exhausted and my kids are crazy and life could not be any better. This is what life is all about.


robandkayla said...

Yay! I've been dying to see some pics of your precious girl! She's adorable and you look amazing for just having a baby!!! Congrats!! xoxo

Sue said...

We love you all so very much and were grateful to have the week with your when Stella arrived. Each of our grandkids have brought much love into our lives.

California Roney's said...

I love all these pictures! We are so glad Stella is here!

brooke said...

Too funny about Mike going the wrong way. I really want to stop by and meet that little angel in person. I don't have your number since my phone got ruined so text me or call me some time!

H and E said...

What a great story...Mike must have been a little nervous! I love hearing how much the epidural helped, I have always wanted one and everyone up here is so anti epidural it freaks me out. But I am sticking to my guns and getting the stick...ha ha!
Congrats again!

camille said...

YAY for this post! I've been waiting and waiting for it! Stella is such a beauty and I am sooo happy for you, M! Great job and I'm glad you are getting some rest! I'll be in that boat in just 5 days! Love you!

Britney said...

I'm so excited you posted all the details. Welcome sweet baby girl! She is so precious and I'm so happy for you guys. Best wishes for all the times ahead. xoxo
-Brit, Greg, and DAx

Cole and Stephanie Fowler said...

I've been waiting for pictures... She is beautiful. Congratulations!