Friday, October 30, 2009


Halloween was a lot of fun. We went to El Morro's Boo Blast. Nobody could believe that I was out and about. Stella stayed home with Grandma Jeanne while Mike and I took the kids. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards but had fun with my kids. The kids went on every ride and played games. They even went through the haunted house. The were absolutely terrified of the unknown while we were standing in line. We looked like awful parents dragging our kids in there against their will. Mak and Perry were gripping my hands so tight, after we got in it wasn't so bad. They even let go of my hands and walked ahead of us. When we got out of the haunted house they kept bragging about it and acting tough. "That wasn't scary at all.", "That was so stupid." It really wasn't scary, even Bentley wasn't afraid.

For Halloween we went up to Michelle and Tony Kimball's house for a Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treating with all of the kids friends from church. This was Bentley's first year that she actually trick-or-treated and she loved it! She was running as fast as she could behind everybody trying to keep up from house to house and she was carrying this huge bag and would not let us carry her candy! Mike and I were laughing so hard at her enthusiasm.

Bentley Bumble Bee
I taught Bentley to go around saying "bzzzzz STING!" and she'd poke people really hard. Oooops

Roman was a fire dog.

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H and E said...

Cutest kids ever! Halloween is the best holiday.