Friday, October 16, 2009

Roman's Dragon Costume

I am getting a little carried away with halloween costumes for Roan this year. This is only one of them. It's so hard to not by him these funny costumes! They never make doggie clothes in his size and it kills me! I think doggie clothes are absolutely ridiculous but seeing my horse walking around in them cracks me up, and he doesn't seem to care. The kids are constantly playing dress up with him, so it's time that Roman got some dress up thats not a hot pink princess cape. I am so sorry for the abuse you have to take from this family Roman, but you look so dang cute!


Elizabeth Judd said...

that costume is hilarious! I love it! everytime you do a new post I think it's going to be you at the hospital with your new baby! I bet you are counting down the days and hours!!!

H and E said...

Ha ha that is hilarious! I love it, probably as much as he does!

Michelle said...

I am rolling... this is hilarious!