Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Political 4 Year Old

Rob and Kayla were in town this weekend and Kayla was having a little conversation with Perry.

Kayla: "What's your teachers name?"
Perry: "Mrs. Seal."
Kayla: "Mrs. Seal?"
Perry: "No! Seeaal (pronouncing it very slowly for her.)
Kayla: "Seal?"
Perry: "No, like how Orock Obama seals everybody's moneys."
Kayla: " Oh.....Steal."
Perry: "Yeah."

Her name is Mrs. Stihl.

He didn't learn it from me, but at least he knows the truth. He probably wakes up early and watches MSNBC and reads the paper during nap time too.


Gregg and Melissa Rupp said...

that is awesome! I miss that little guy!

camille said...

Seriously? Classic! That little Perry is such a little cutie!