Monday, July 6, 2009

Perry's 4th Birthday

This year I was not up for the tasking of planning and preparing for a birthday party and then cleaning up after all those kids! So I found a solution, we had Perry's party at Bears, Buddies and Toys. It was the best party ever!

The party was was held in a library and a pirate ship! This is the second year in a row Perry has wanted a pirate party.

All of the boys dressed up like pirates and the girls got to dress up like princess'.

All the kids got to stuff an animal of their choice and pick out any outfit they wanted. They all made a wish for Perry and put their wishing star in his stuffed animal.

This is Perry's girlfriend Lily. They met in preschool. When Perry was star of the week he had a poster he had to fill out about himself. One of the questions was "If you had one wish, what would you wish for?" Perry's response was "That Lily will marry me and for rock n' roll toys."
Perry's preschool buddies: Matteo aka Matato, James, Louis, and Perry
The kids got to march in their own parade around the pirate ship.
Bentley got to march too, although she didn't keep up.
Perry and Johnny
Take a big breathe and make a wish!
I can't believe my little man is 4! It's amazing how much he has grown and learned in 4 years! I am so pleased with the little boy he is becoming. He is so sensitive, patient and kind. He never ceases to melt my heart or make me laugh hysterically! I love you Perry, more than you will ever know!


California Roney's said...

Those pictures are adorable! Happy Birthday Perry!! Pirate boy!

Britney said...

Happy Birthday Perry! You are such a sweet little thing and we sure love you.

Megan said...

That is the cutest party ever! and so much easier! Happy Late Birthday Perry, I love you! Bentley's outfit is THE cutest!

Kelsey said...

I am loving Bentley's swim-wear! Perry's B-day looks like a blast. You are such a great mommy!

Gregg and Melissa Rupp said...

That party looks like so much fun! I want to be 4 years old again!