Friday, July 3, 2009

We Made it to St. George!

We always have such a good time at my Mom's house. We got all the cousins together and they played in the sprinklers and ate lollypops. The girls love to find roley poleys!

A Roley Poley!
Makayla with her cousin Autumn

Makayla, Autumn, and Brad aka Toad
We went for a walk to the pond to feed the ducks. Bentley walked all the to and from the pond which is about .25 miles each way. She refuses to be treated like a baby, and I'm okay with that.

Nonnie and Bentley feeding the ducks. Bentley puts her hands in her armpits like wings and quacks like a duck!
It was fun visiting my parents, we always enjoy hanging out with them!

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California Roney's said...

How adorable! Its always fun to be with family!