Monday, July 27, 2009


We headed to Utah for Matt's, my brother in law, mission homecoming. He served his mission in Richmond, Virginia. The kids were so excited to see him! Mak and Perry didn't remember him very well since they were 4 and 2 when he left, but they picked up right where they left off. They had so much fun playing with Uncle Matt! Bentley met her uncle for the first time ever and ran right to him when we got to Grandma Hartshorn's house. Bentley wanted to play with Uncle Matt, Grandpappy, or Dad the whole time. She wanted nothing to do with the women.
This was Bentley's second trip on an airplane and she did not want to sit still at all! She didn't cry or whine but she just wanted to play the whole time! At least it's only 1.5hr trip!
We stayed at Stein Erickson Lodge the first night we were there. It was very relaxing and it was so nice to just have my hubby around for a day.
On Thursday we drove down to Salt Lake to be closer to all the family activities. We stayed at the Little America. Mak and Perry love to stay at hotels. The kids all gained up on Dad and had a massive tickle and pillow fight! Friday morning we went to the Days of 47 Parade to celebrate Pioneer day. Bentley loved the "horsheys." I think they are her new favorite animal. Mak and Perry got front row seats. A family that had camped overnight was kind enough to squeeze them into the group and let them sit front and center to watch the parade.
On Saturday, we went to Snowbird to ride the Alpine Slide, and just go play! Bentley had such a fun time in the bounce house! We couldn't get her out of there! Perry rode the Alpine Slide with Mike and they raced Uncle Matt. Of course they won! Makayla was so afraid to ride it so she went with Aunt Megan, who is very cautious! They came down so slow, it was the perfect speed for Makayla and she had the biggest smile afterwards! I was so proud of her for conquering her fears, she wanted to ride it over and over! Afterwards Mike, Matt and Makayla went to ride the mechanical bull! Again, Mak was so afraid! She was crying so hard and being the awful Mom that I am I reminded her of how she felt about the Alpine Slide and how much fun she ended up having! Still crying I pushed her into that line and got my camera ready while laughing hysterically! She ended up having a lot of fun and went on it again! I love that kid! We rode the tram up to the top of Snowbird and enjoyed the amazing views! We also saw a deer while we were up there.
Saturday evening we went to the Oquirrh Hill Temple Open House. It was so special taking my children into the temple with me and walking through the celestial room with them. They were so curious about what went on in every room and had so many questions for me. Perry was mostly concerned with the baptismal font where we do baptisms for the dead. He didn't understand why people come to die in a bath tub at the temple, he is certain that thats where he wants to die when he's old. Makayla's favorite part was the brides room. She loved the gorgeous chandeliers and vanities. She told me that she can't wait to be a bride and get married in the temple. I am so thankful for the spirit that we felt as a family walking through the house of the lord together. I am also thankful for the love my children have for the gospel and how the open house excited them and their growth in the church!
After we went to the open house we went out to eat. Perry rode with Uncle Matt and his girlfriend, Catherine. While they were in the car Perry asked Uncle Matt, "Are we friends?"
"Perry, we're gonna be friends for a very long time."
"Thats good, Uncle Matt."
We had a lot of fun in Utah, despite the heat. I love traveling with my family and am so grateful for the memories that we made together! I am so happy that the kids love their Uncle Matt and had a great time bonding with him. We are so proud of him and his commitment to serve the lord, but we are also very happy to him home!

Photograph of the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple


Tara said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I have fond memories of the Stein Erickson lodge. We hung out in the lobby right before and after we went out on a "sleigh ride" the night Dave proposed! :) Cute pics of all the kiddos. :)

brooke said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip! I love the pictures of Mak crying on the bull, too funny but I'm glad she ended up liking it.

Kelsey said...

such a cute family! you look great!

H and E said...

Wow it sounds and looks like you guys had so much fun! I love all your families cute outfits on the 24th. I am especially loving your white dress! We miss you guys too, hopefully we will cross paths soon. Actually we are coming to southern cali in october for my sis in laws wedding. We will have to see you then!
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2446 32nd Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 1X3

Megan said...

Love them! Those pictures of Mak on the bull are priceless! I loved spending time with you all, it was the best weekend! Love you!