Thursday, July 2, 2009


Bentley and I were headed to my parents, in St. George, all by ourselves without Dad. We wanted to get an early start so we'd beat traffic in CA and the heat through Death Valley. Things didn't really go according to plan. I had the car all loaded up I just needed to Bentley's car seat behind the passenger seat so that I could see her and her snacks better so I put her in the front seat while I moved her car seat. After doing that I needed to hook up the DVD player and get a movie rolling for her. I got her out of the front seat, closed the door and put her in her car seat. Dad gave her kissed and closed the door and then gave me kisses goodbye. I ran around to hop in the car and my door was locked.... with the power on in the car(but not running). I wasn't going to go very far and neither was Bentley. While she was in the front see she locked to doors. UGH! Time: approximatley, 7:30am. We called a locksmith and he could be here in an hour. Are you kidding me! My baby's in the car! So, we called another locksmith located in Laguna, he was on his way over and should be here in 10 minutes! 15 minutes later, no tow truck...... so we called and he got a flat tire! OH MY HECK, this was turning out to be some crazy day. So, we just called the police department. And man did we get some service! Not only did the police department respond but so did the fire department, a tow truck, and the neighborhood! How embaressing!!!!! The tow guy popped the door open and as soon as he unlocked the car.... the battery died! Just shoot me now! Then we had to push the car out of the garage so we could get the hood open and jump it. An hour and a half later and a lot of embaressment we were good to go. We made it with no further incidents to my parents 6.5 hours including 2 stops. There was no traffic the whole way and Bentley was an amazing little car rider!

Your probably wonder how Bentley handled being locked in the car for 1.5 hours. She didn't even notice! She sat and watched Monsters Inc. the whole time. I love that kid!

Here is the police car and tow truck blocking our one way street!
And the fire truck!

Okay, so it's happened once and hopefully never again! At least it was 65 degrees and the car was in the garage. It could've been a lot worse. When I was 7, I backed my Mom's car into another car at my Dad's work! So lets hope that never happens!


Elizabeth Judd said...

oh that is the worst thing in the world! i probably would have been crying by the end because i would be soo incredibly annoyed! How awesome that Bentley just sat there, she's such a cutie!

California Roney's said...

I still cant believe this happened! I love all the pictures that you took!!

Britney said...

That's so crazy! I wondered why the police and firemen showed up...well it all makes sense now. Glad that everything turned out ok. And way to go on taking pictures!

The Allen Family said...

I felt like such a loser out there with my camera! They probably thought I was so weird taking pictures. They just don't understand blogging I guess!