Friday, January 8, 2010

Perry's Makeover

Mak: "Perry, are you ready for your makeoever?"
Perry: "Are you going to make me look like a rockstar!?!"
Mak: "Something like that....."

When Perry found out that we were having another girl, he broke down and was balling hysterically because he wanted a brother because "he didn't want to play dress up anymore." Poor little guy..... he does make a very pretty girl though.


Sue said...

Oh! My!! Goodness!!!
Perry in a poodle skirt! Go Man!

Megan said...

hahahahaha poor little guy! that first picture is priceless.

Tina - Ball Team Co-Captain said...

What a sport! Jay has four sisters - all older. So far, he's had his hair done and nails painted. I'll take pictures when they dress him up, though - I'm sure it's coming!

Tara said...

hahahaaha. Oh my gosh....I love the look on his face so much. He's so cute....even in a princess costume. ;)

California Roney's said...

He is adorable. So cute!