Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whale Watching

My parents are in town for New Years and yesterday we decided to go whale watching. Seeing as though this was mine and Mikes fourth time going and we had never seen a whale we decided, lets go ahead and waste some more money! Thank goodness we were wrong about wasting money! We saw a grey whale as soon as we got out of Dana Point Harbor and followed it for about an hour. It was amazing! We saw his fluke twice. I can't believe that whales get bigger than this guy too! I learned that the blue whale gets to be 110 feet long and is the biggest mammal ever. It was such a beautiful sight. Bentley loved going on the boat and she has the best pair of sea legs I've ever seen. All morning long she kept saying "I wan go on da boat." We say dolphins and sea lions and a ton of pelicans. The dolphins jumped out of the water right next to where Bentley was standing on the boat and she freaked out. She was so excited to see them! Stella was not at all amused, she slept almost the whole time. We all had such a great afternoon on the boat together.

Mike and I got to go see "Have you Heard About the Morgans," last night. Since my parents have been here we have taken full advantage of them and have been sneaking in all the time we can have together as we can get. The line to get tickets was sooooo long! While we were standing in line Mike had the best idea ever! He decided to buy our tickets on Fandango and we'd showthem the confirmation. Well, for some reason it wouldn't let us buy tickets for the 7:05 show so we headed into guest services. The lady that was in front of us had gotten out of line and then returned. We let her cut in front of us since she was there and the line had grown about 5 more people. Out of the blue she handed us tickets to our movie. I insisted on going to the ATM and getting her money but she insisted that I didn't. I thought it was so nice of her and completely unnecessary. It made me feel good and I'm sure it made her feel great too. Thanks for treating us to a movie and a great date night!


Megan said...

That is so amazing!! I'm so glad you got to see a whale! The pictures are awesome. I hope you you got a breakfast burrito! yumm I wish I was there! :)

H and E said...

I love that you guys are whale watching while we are all freezing our buns off up here! Next year for christmas I am heading your way!!!

California Roney's said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful time. Did you like the movie?