Monday, January 4, 2010


Yesterday was a great day! It was fast sunday and Makayla and Perry wanted to bare their testimonies. They were so reverent walking up together and Makayla insisted that she help Perry. Bentley stood on my lap and screamed "I WAN TALK." She was very jealous, that girl can't wait to older and I so badly want her to slow down. It was such a special sacrament meeting. I love listening to children bear their testimonies. They totally make me feel guilty for not getting up their with them.

At the dinner table Mike asked who wanted to gave the prayer. Bentley raised her hand and shouted that "she wan do it." When we tried to help her she said "NO, I wan do it," and off she went. It started off so well.
"Headenly fader, thant you for my famidy. Thant you for church. Thant you for Kayda, Pewy, Tella, Mom, Dad, and Kayda. Thant you for I pway wit fwiends. Thant you Kayda" was quiet for a moment, she picked up her chocolate milk and started drinking. We all tried so hard not to laugh. She slammed down her sippy cup and kept praying. We all just started laughing and lost it. I think we could've kept it together if she hadn't slammed the sippy cup on the table and exhaled really hard. All that praying sure made her thirsty. Now we have to work on teaching her to be reverent again during her prayers. I love these little moments with my children, it makes all the hard work and weight gain so worth it.

Stella is talking up a storm now. She can't look at us without cooing and smiling. She takes her dear sweet time eating her bottle. She loves to gaze into my eyes and smile while eating. She is such a sweet little baby.


H and E said...

That is the cutest story ever! Your kids are absolutely adorable.

P.S. I think the baby actually has to come out in order to lose the weight (i'm going insane). Oh and this booty is going to take a lot of work to get back to normal I am already dreading it! ha ha

Jeanne said...

What a perfect Sunday! You have such amazing kids. Bentley's prayer was adorable! What a character. Hope you are feeling better, Moka. I miss you guys!