Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School

It's official, we have a second grader! This year has been much different than any other of Makayla's first days at school. There was absolutely no fear, or tears! The whole family piled into the car to take her to her first day of school. I walked her to her class and she was so giddy the whole time. She was so excited to meet her teacher and see all of her friends. I am so glad that she loves her school and loves her new teacher, Mrs. Goodman, too.
Some how I still manage to be a wreck and cry when I leave her on the first day of school.


California Roney's said...

Happy First day to Makayla! I love how excited she looks in that picture!

Sue said...

Have a wonderful school year dear Makayla...you're the best student in that class!