Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Pregnant Girls Dinner

I have been eating horribly lately! For dinner I had a giant bowl of chocolate ice cream, half a bag of pita chips with sea salt, and then a waffle sandwich with whipped cream in the middle, which I actually didn't eat. I will hate myself later when I am trying to lose all of this baby weight but for now I guess I'll try to enjoy it since it's the last time I'll be pregnant and have a valid excuse. I think I'll go eat a cinnamon roll right now.


California Roney's said...

Cute Belly Shot Mama!!

H and E said...

Just got home from church and ate two cookies before even thinking about a proper lunch, pregnancy is great! haha

P.S. You are the most adorable pregnant girl ever, you make it look so good. I wish My belly looked that cute!

Kelsey said...

That bowl of ice cream looks really good! The cinnamon roll sounds delicious. I just ate dinner but suddenly I am starving?! You look fabulous!