Wednesday, September 23, 2009

False Alarm!

Today I thought I was in labor. I have been induced with all 3 kids but I want to go into labor with Stella so I can have that experience. I feel like it's my first baby, and I feel very unsure of what's to come since I've never done this before. I am so excited and nervous and anxious and a big ball of crazy hormonal emotions.
So, today I thought I was in labor. I have braxton hicks contractions practically all day long but these ones were all about 10 minutes apart. Are contractions supposed to be like 10 minutes apart to the second or are they about 10 minutes? I don't know. I started to panic after my fourth contraction that was about 10 minutes apart so I called Mike. He didn't answer, so I texted him. He didn't respond after a few minutes so I really started to panic. I ran to the bathroom (so not to scare my kids) and started crying. I was a mess. I kept calling him and he didn't answer.
Finally he responded to my text, "I'm in a meeting."
ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! I could've been having a baby on the bathroom floor and he's "in a meeting!?!"
"How far apart are your contractions?" he texts.
"About 10 minutes." I respond.
"Okay, we don't need to go to the hospital until they are 5 minutes apart, text me when you have the next one."
OMG!!!! I wanted to kill him! Was he not thinking about traffic from our house to the hospital? PCH? The canyon? Thats only one lane! What if there was an accident and it's all backed up!
I am now terrified to go into labor! I am not so sure I have full confidence in my husband to get me to the hospital in time and I already know that I will be an absolute mess and not able to drive myself!
Pray for me!


Sue said...

Practice makes perfect ... and you'll be fine.

Emily said...

good luck Moka! Labor is such a funny thing! I'm sure everything will turn out perfectly!

robandkayla said...

Ha ha sorry Moka but I am laughing so hard that he texted "in a meeting"!! Lol such a guy thing to do! Don't worry about it, with any luck you'll go into labor on Saturday or Sunday when he's home all day! You'll have to let me know how it goes! I was induced with Boston after I went past my due date so let me know if it's worth the extra wait! Good luck girl! Don't hesitate to ship the kiddos to Vegas if you need a break! :)