Monday, September 7, 2009

Swimming in the Ocean

Over the summer Mak has become quite the swimmer. Last week I went to the beach with the kids and some friends, the waves were really calm so slowly but surely I got that girl out past the waves. I couldn't believe that my cautious Makayla was swimming in the ocean. We were diving through waves together and floating on our backs. We even had two waves crash on us while we were going out and not once did she say she wanted to get out or go back in.
We went to the beach again on labor day with Dad and some friends and as soon as we got there all Makayla wanted to do was go swimming in the ocean. We had the whole family out there at one point, even Bentley.
Bentley squealed and laughed the whole time. She is definitely the little fish in the family. She was under the water and every time a big wave would come, she would point and say " a big one!" while giggling and kicking her legs.
We had to drag Perry out who screamed the whole time! Poor little guy, we are so mean to him! Later he told me that he wanted to learn how to swim so that he could go snorkeling like dad.
We could not get Makayla out of the water the whole day! She would just swith off with adults so she could stay in the water. Mike, Mia, Tony, Sherrie and I all took her and Abi in the ocean. Dan and Mia took her kayaking too, she had an absolute blast. She rode with Dan and they even rolled the kayak in a wave coming back in and she handled it like a trooper. She didn't have one tear and was all smiles as soon as she stood up. She even said that she wants to go kayaking next weekend. I absolutely love that she is conquering some fears and building confidence. I am also excited that we are starting to share the same love of the ocean. She is very excited to do junior guards next summer, and so far thats been about all she can talk about.


H and E said...

Oh swimming in the ocean sounds like so much fun. What brave little cuties!

Sue said...

HooRay Makayla and Perry - now you can come with Nonnie in the ocean to jump in the waves!